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Can I subscribe to your food
Can I subscribe to your food
Updated over a week ago

We now offer subscriptions to our food, so that you don't have to remember to keep ordering your dogs favourite dinner.

Subscribe and we'll send you regular boxes to your door at a time you choose. What's more you get an additional 5% off when you subscribe!

To subscribe, head to the subscriptions page. You can choose from pre-configured boxes of Forage, our Original Taster Boxes, or you can choose your exact box content by subscribing to our Build Your Own Box option. Here you'll have to option to add as many of our delicious meals, fabulous natural treats and supplements as you like.

When you've chosen your food, select the 'Subscribe & Save' option and set the frequency you want to receive your box - anywhere from every week to once every 2 months.

Please note if you are building your own box there is a minimum of 16 items. We would always suggest you order in boxes of 16 or 30 meals, as these fit precisely in our insulated boxes and delivery is cheaper as a result.

Please also note that our seasonal All Venison and Limited Edition products (eg. Christmas) can't be added to subscription as they aren't available all year around.

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