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Raw feeding dogs with pancreatitis
Raw feeding dogs with pancreatitis
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Continuing with a raw diet is ideal for dogs with pancreatitis. As the meat is raw it still contains live enzyme which reduces stress on the pancreas to break down the food.

The rule of thumb would be to avoid feeding a lot proteins such as Lamb, duck and pork as these are much higher in fat, it will be best to stick with Chicken, Turkey and Beef.

Our lowest fat products can be found on our website here - or alternatively you can find a list of them below:

All Turkey - 5.7%
All Chicken - 6.7%
All Venison - 6.79%
Fish & Chick - 6.1%
Mild Chicken - 6.8%
Forage Venison - 9.99%
Forage Chicken - 8.08%
Turkey & Beef - 10.8%

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