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Do I need to add supplements
Do I need to add supplements
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A properly varied raw diet with 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal, sourced from a variety of meat sources including a recipe with oily fish and then the addition of fresh eggs and occasional veg (particularly green) should provide a great basis for the nutrition required.

Also, we recommend you Check out our new Forage range for complete food that includes specially selected fruit, veg and botanical supplements that provide a huge range of benefits.

We don’t include these extras in our Original range as it can be that some dogs are allergic, and we can't take it out, but you can easily add it in! Not all our customers add supplements/veg (there are many schools of thought in raw feeding) but those that do can easily add a spoonful of Forage Pure Blend to meals.

One of the main advantages to a high quality raw food is it allows you to feed a diet free from the fillers and unnecessary processed ingredients found in commercial pet food. The majority of people find that switching to our food alone is sufficient to see improvements in their dogs health. But for dogs who require an extra Boost to target a specific complaint, you can add our botanical Tonics on top (Teeth, Tummy, Skin or Senior)

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