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Should I feed Forage or Original
Should I feed Forage or Original

What's the difference between our two ranges of raw food?

Updated over a week ago

Since 2014 we have been making our Original range of food. Made from high welfare cuts of British meat, bone & offal, it's the perfect building block of a raw diet. It can be tailored to suit the individual dog with any additional veg/supplements as desired.

We developed the Forage range painstakingly to meet the European FEDIAF guidelines of complete dog food. This means you do not need to add anything or alternate recipes, each meal is suitable to be fed exclusively.

As much as we can extol the virtues of all 15+ additional ingredients in the Forage range, and they should be included in the diet wherever possible (see the benefits of each of them here) every dog is different and not all are suited to all of them.

This is why we do not include it in every product as standard, you can add something in - but you can't take it out.

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