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How many different proteins should I feed
How many different proteins should I feed
Updated over a week ago

As many as possible.

Variety is the spice of life. Every meat contains different vitamins and minerals plus for mental stimulation and enjoyment feeding variety is beneficial.

With our Forage range there is no need to feed variety as each individual meal is balanced and complete on its own. You wouldn't want to eat the same meal day in day out so your dog will appreciate switching it up when possible.

With the Original veg free range, we would always strive to feed 4 different meat types making sure to include some red meats and oily fish too. If your pet has no allergies it is very easy to achieve a wide range of protein sources.

If your dog is restricted through allergies it can be harder to achieve balance, we would recommend contacting a nutritionist to ensure you are filling the gaps if allergies mean you are unable to feed even one of our complete foods.

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