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Do I need to feed fruit & vegetables
Do I need to feed fruit & vegetables

Do you need to add anything to your dogs food

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Certain fruits and veggies can be fed to dogs, green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale in particular are full of lots of lovely vitamins & minerals.

We don’t include it in our Original range as it can be some dogs are allergic, and we can't take it out, but you can easily add it in. Not all our customers add veg (there are many schools of thought in raw feeding) but those that do can easily add a spoonful of Forage Pure Blend to meals.

Veg can be especially useful as a filler upper for dogs who need to lose weight as it is lower calorie than meat. We’d suggest feeding no more than 20% veg else your dog could be missing out on all the essential vitamins and minerals meat provides.

If you are adding your own, avoid starchy veg like carrots, swede, parsnip if you have a dog prone to ear/skin infection as the sugars in these veg can promote yeast growth. Veg must be lightly cooked or grated/blended raw to break down and allow dogs to get any nutrition from them.

Check out our new Forage range for complete food that includes specially selected fruit, veg and botanicals.

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