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Discontinued puppy recipe
Discontinued puppy recipe

Why have we stopped making our Original puppy product?

Updated over a week ago

Since the introduction of Puppy Forage and its extremely competitive pricing sales have exceeded our expectations so the original recipe has become somewhat redundant.

Furthermore we cannot see a situation now where we would recommend feeding solely the Original puppy recipe given there are not likely to be any sensitivities at such a young age.

With puppyhood being a critical life stage in terms of growth, brain & bone development it is naturally also the one where a ready made varied diet with the addition of oily fish/whole eggs/green veg and botanicals could the most beneficial.

Given Forage Puppy is only 40p extra per pack over the old Puppy recipe, and contains 15 more ingredients this represents excellent value.

This is a nutritionally complete food containing all the required goodness every growing dog needs.

If you would prefer to continue feeding a veg free Original range recipe to your puppy however then you can easily do so. This mince is slightly coarser than our original puppy but that is the only real difference. There is a lot of protein variety to choose from, we suggest a minimum of 4 different varieties (ie. chicken, beef. lamb, fish) for varied nutrition.

We also have a new Weaning recipe, which is finely minced like our previous Original Puppy - This doesn't contain any offal so shouldn't be fed exclusively/long term.

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