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Why is your food marked complementary
Why is your food marked complementary

Why is our Original range a complementary food for dogs?

Updated over a week ago

Many raw dog food manufacturers do not label their products correctly. To be labelled as a 'complete' dog food by law the FEDIAF guidelines specify the food must contain certain levels of vitamins & minerals etc. 80/10/10 legally should not be labelled as complete and is therefore a complementary food.

What most raw feeders refer to as 'complete' is 80-10-10 (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal) which does not meet the legal definition of complete. However if you feed enough variety within our Original range (ie. what other people call 80/10/10) - which we'd say is a minimum of 4 different proteins - and make sure to include some with oily fish and ideally feed occasional eggs on top your dog will be getting a suitably varied diet.

Alternatively our new Forage range recipes are in fact complete to FEDIAF standards, so if you were to only feed this exclusively for the rest of the dog's adult life it would receive all the nutrition it requires on its own.

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