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How do I change the frequency of my subscription
How do I change the frequency of my subscription

Change how often your box of food is delivered

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Find you've got too much food, or heaven forbid not enough?

If you need to make a tweak to how often your subscription box is delivered then you can easily change the frequency of your subscription box by going to the account area of our website and selecting the 'subscriptions' page.

Select the 'edit frequency' button and then choose how often you want your order and when you want the next renewal date to be.

Don't forget to then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the 'save details' button!

Please note that our system works on payment date, not delivery date. So if you set your renewal date to eg. every other Wednesday - then providing your payment goes through ok your order will be sent out every other Thursday for delivery on Friday.

Please bear this in mind when you are setting up your subscription or changing the renewal date of your existing subscription. This especially can catch you out if it falls over a weekend, so if your monthly subscription renews on the 10th and the 10th falls on a Saturday for example - you will not receive it until the following Tuesday.

Bottom line - allow a few extra days of food between deliveries, don't cut it too fine and find yourself in the bad books when the freezer is empty!

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