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My vet told me not to feed raw
My vet told me not to feed raw

Why are some vets against raw feeding?

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Historically vets get little or no nutritional training whilst studying. Once qualified and working in a veterinary practice, the main source of training is provided by pet food manufacturers who want vets to resell their food in the waiting room!

Things are changing though, and an increasing amount of vets are beginning to support the idea of feeding fresh, unprocessed food.

Vets by nature only see you and your pets when something goes wrong so can naturally be sceptical. It’s true, raw feeding done wrong can cause your pets harm, do your research, don’t be tempted to feed chicken mince (often 40% bone!) alone because it’s cheap, or buy from a supplier who can’t tell you the content of their foods, or you may end up with a very constipated pet and then a vet who has the opportunity to tell you how bad raw feeding is.

We are delighted to have renowned holistic vet Dr Adele Fitzpatrick on board at Naturaw, you can read what she has to say by clicking here.

There is a growing movement of raw savvy veterinary nurses and vets. We are members of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS).

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