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Where is your meat sourced from
Where is your meat sourced from

High welfare, ethically sourced ingredients - really

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We source everything from British farms, this goes for our raw food and our Louis & Ada treats too. Sustainability, traceability and animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do.

Our food isn’t just ‘Made in Britain’ but made with 100% British ingredients, there is a huge difference in terms of welfare and food miles – watch out for that misleading claim on other brands.

Other manufacturers may say they use ‘ethically sourced meat’ or 'high welfare' but unfortunately that’s a statement open to interpretation and the reality is most of their definitions we’re pretty sure wouldn’t meet your expectations.

Us? We really mean it. All our chicken carcass is Organic (so free range plus more!) All our Turkey is free range, all the poultry chunks & offal we use in our minces are either free range or organic too. We use wild meats like venison when in season. Our lamb, beef and turkey chunks are from farms on our doorstep and every single piece of meat used is 100% British.

We also insist all our meat is pre-stunned before slaughter. These aren’t the kind of words most companies would use on their website, but some things are more important than fluffy marketing terms. We take animal welfare seriously (our human founders are actually vegetarian) and we believe if we are going to feed our carnivorous companions an appropriate diet we should do so with as much care and respect as possible to the meat within it.

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