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My dog is being fussy and won't eat the food
My dog is being fussy and won't eat the food
Updated over a week ago

Most dogs take to our food straight away, and indeed many dogs that struggled to eat before are suddenly very interested in their food again. However, they are all individuals and some can be a little more stubborn than others. In this case you may find mixing a little of something they've had before and love that has a strong flavour (tinned pilchards/sardines are usually our go to tip) or yoghurt if they are a fan of this.

If you have fed raw but a different brand the texture could be very different, we mince a coarser meaty mince but other brands are much finer and mushier texture. If they've been eating food with vegetables in this could be a difference too. Mixing some of her previous food in and gradually reducing that could be a good idea to get them acclimatised.

Some dogs dislike very cold food so either letting warm to room temp or pouring a little warm water over the mince may be more to their liking.

We would always suggest putting the food down for 20 minutes and if not eaten then popping in the fridge and saving until the next meal. Some dogs can be stubborn and if they are turning up their nose at more than one mince it would suggest it's not that it is dislike (it's very unlikely to dislike every meat) but that they are just unsure of change, may be a little battle of wills but unless you have a poorly dog or a very young puppy skipping a couple of meals will do no harm.

Hope this helps but if you have any further queries or concerns please do not hesitate to ask! 🤞

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