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Common issues placing an order
Common issues placing an order
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Basket Problems

Are you finding that products are disappearing from your basket when trying to order? This is nearly always because you are adding a combination of subscription and non-subscription products. You can only buy one or the other at once.

Recaptcha Problems

Recaptcha is a Google fraud prevention tool that we use to secure the website and customers details against fraudulent transactions and login attacks. It can be frustrating at times as it can be overly sensitive but it is absolutely necessary in this day and age.

If you are getting a 'recaptcha error' then just ensure you are scrolling right to the bottom of the page and completing all fields.

If you're still having issues please log in and out and ideally try a new browser or device if possible, this almost always works.

Payment Problems

If you are getting as far as attempting to take payment, and then the order is failing then we suggest a couple of things.

It is important to note that we do not process payments directly, and so it is not us that decides whether or not to accept your card. This is done by a 3rd party verified payment processor (Braintree/Paypal in our case). There are more and more security measures and verification methods used on various cards - apps, text messages etc - and so it is not possible to provide a one size fits all

  1. Double check all your details, the card details and the address details.

  2. Make sure you have completed any additional verification requested by your bank - text messages, codes, app etc

  3. Try a different card if you have one

  4. If your card payment isn't working try the Paypal option - note you do not need a Paypal account to do this and if you select the 'guest' option when the PayPal option pops up then you can enter your card details directly.

If all the above steps aren't working contact us and we can look into your specific payment failure reason - although there is almost never anything we can do to resolve this ourselves.

Confirmation Email Problems

If you have placed your order but can't find your confirmation email then please check your spam/junk folder - it is almost always there if you can't find it!

If you're still struggling, contact the team and we'll check for you.

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