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Is it ok to feed sea salt
Is it ok to feed sea salt
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Sounds strange doesn't it but a small quantity of salt (sodium chloride) is actually an important part of a dogs diet. It can help with mineral absorption, nerve and muscle function, circulation and even digestion.

Salt provides many essential minerals – though primarily sodium chloride, the Yorkshire Sea Salt we use is richer in minerals than table salt, containing 60 trace minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron. In keeping with our ingredient sourcing policy that favours local high quality ingredients over ones shipped in from other parts of the world it’s a small batch sea salt formed off the rugged, geologically unique coastline of North Yorkshire and fed by nutrient rich seagrass meadows and ancient kelp forests. The hand hauled sea salt has a mineral structure unique to our coastline.

Why only in some recipes?

Whilst meat naturally contains chloride, some contains than others. As such some of our recipes contain a small amount of Yorkshire Sea Salt (just 0.1%) to ensure the nutritional requirements are met for some of the essential minerals.

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