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About our sleeves

How they are made, and what we put on them

Updated over a week ago

Our pretty nifty looking sleeves are printed on sustainably sourced card in vegetable based inks.

Think this sounds expensive? It’s not – due to us designing and producing all our own artwork in house and the clever way in which they are printed to reduce material wastage, the sleeves come in at just a few pence each.

They also don’t contain any metallic foil or plastic laminate, which might look snazzy but in somewhat of an own goal render the entire thing un-compostable.

They also allow us to display a standard in labelling which is unparalleled in the industry at present in terms of both transparency and just plain helpfulness. Every ingredient is clearly displayed. You’ll also see the proteins clearly marked and the meat/bone/offal breakdown right on every pack, this makes it as simple as possible for you to feed a healthy balanced diet.

Years after we launched more suppliers are cottoning on and starting to utilise some of these standards themselves. This can only be a very good thing for raw feeding in general.

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